"The only good thing to do with good advice is pass it on; it is never of any use to oneself."— Oscar Wilde

Monday, 20 December 2010

Snow days and stuff

Hello everyone, time for a blog entry before christmas, wouldn't you say? Last week was quite strange! 

The night mare started out Sunday with a lot of heavy snow falling down to the ground. When I came home from skating we lost electricity for about 5 hours and then it went on again. I went to bed with a little hope for a snow day monday. 

Monday we actually got a snow day. And it was needed. A huge snow storm came over us, you couldn't really see anything because of the snow. But I still went out in the cold to deliver the last christmas post to the people in Denmark! (It took me quite some time to go to the post office that actually was open even though the post office is just across the road...) There was a very quick wind at the same time as the snow was falling, so nobody went outside and everyone was inside. (Except for the poor people travelling who all got stuck in the snow.) Then the hydro went off again, this time not only for 5 hours, but until next day, Tuesday. Tuesday the wind continued, but it was sunny without snow, so around 10 am Oil Springs got their electricity back. Our heat in the house was electric, so it got VERY cold in the night in the house. Good thing that we had many blankets! Now it was up to the army, helicopters, and police to help the people stuck on the highway just beside Oil Springs. Though Tuesday was quite amusing for me, I went sledding with my friends. The roads outside were still white and it was difficult to get around, which led to the fact that we had a snow day Wednesday, too. It made me a bit sad, because I was supposed to sing at the Music Night for our school. 

Wednesday and Tuesday were a pretty sight though, here I can show you some pictures. 
Like the danes would say: "I regn og slud, i sne og frost, skal postten ud, når man er post!"
Ah, it can be a pretty sight. This photo is taken by another exchange student who lives very close to me.
This is how our window looked like Tuesday morning.
It also led to a little bit of boredom since we couldn't go anywhere and were stuck inside. So we played a lot of Sequence, and I drew a lot of drawings. I can show you what 5 hours of drawings and boredom lead to.

Haha.. Psycho-Bella 
What is the only thing I've always wanted to draw? Only the hard-core fans know who this is! Try to guess. ( I'll just point out that I am not a fan, her acting is not my cup of tea... but she is pretty.)
Anyways, Thursday I went happily to school to socialize and stuff. It made me happy and we hardly did anything in the classes because of confusion about the snow. Friday was the day of the christmas assebly, where all the schools bands played. It was pretty and a lot of my friends performed. After this, we confirmed that we are in Canada. We did this by watching a game between the teachers and the students of ice hockey. Because, what is more canadian than ice hockey? - I have to say, there must be a reason why Canada are Olympic champions.   They care to much about hockey. It is like Europeans with their soccer, Danes about handball, or Americans about basketball. But it is an interesting sport, and it is definitely more interesting than American football, so I am glad I chose Canada :) Saturday I went to a friends place for a movie night and playing Harry Potter! It has been a strange, but good week. 

If you guys are lucky, I will post a little christmas treat for you later this week before christmas. It is going to be surprise, but you will like it. 

Here is a little reminder for all of you; remember to think about other people who are not able to celebrate the peace at this time of the year. It has actually always been my favourite English christmas songs. 

Saturday, 11 December 2010

A Christmas Carol, Hamlet (Toronto), Semi Formal

Christmas night 
Another fight 

Tears we cried, a flood 
Got all kinds of poison in 
Of poison in my blood 
I took my feet to Oxford Street 
Tried to right a wrong 
Just walk away, those windows say 
But I can't believe she's gone 

When you're still waiting for the snow to fall 
It doesn't really feel like Christmas at all 

Those Christmas lights
Light up the street
Down where the sea and city meet
May all your troubles soon be gone
Oh, Christmas lights, keep shining on

-Coldplay, Christmas Lights

Hi my dear followers and bloggers!
As mentioned in my last blog entry I've been very, very busy last week and I had barely time to do anything creative as making a blog entry. But now I definitely have the time, so here we go. Last week I had my final performances of  A Christmas Carol. Some of my friends came to watch, which really made me happy. I had never imagined getting to know so many nice and good friends here. Even though I did not have a big part, I did a lot of paint work for the set props, and I am just going to show you what I did. 
Some of the set. Nice paint work, eh?
From the left: Me, Megan, girl (?), Amanda, Deker after a good show  at 'Meet the Cast'
Just added this as a picture because I worked a lot on it. It took me some time I would say.
This thursday I went to see Hamlet, which is a Shakespeare-play, in Toronto. Before the show we went shopping a bit in the Eaton Mall, though I did not buy much. The play was brilliant, the actors were amazing and it really caught me by surprise. The play takes place in Denmark, and whenever they pronounced a danish name in English, it made my giggle. But it was very good; it had a sad ending though. On the way home it was -12 degrees celsius, and probably under 0 degrees celsius in the school bus, which was VERY cold. So I was shaking all the way home, and then when we made a stop, I was hungry because we were delayed. Then I bought some ice cream and strangely; BAM! I got warm again!
Even though it is freezing in- and outside the school bus you have to keep being happy as an exchange student, in of course, a Canada-hat. 
CN-Tower in the christmas mood
Friday was the day of my school's second dance of the school year, it is called Semi Formal. And with that they mean that you are not allowed to enter in casual clothes, but that you don't have to be as crazily dressed up as at Prom. I went with some of my cool friends and it was a really cool dance. Afterwards I went home to a friend's place and watched one of my favourite movies: The french movie called Le Faboulex destin d'Amélie Poulain. 

From the left: Madison, Lindsay, Kira, and me before the dance.
It is us again with full dresses on.
When you ask yourself why I put the lyrics from Coldplay's new christmas song on, it is simply because it is a nice way to express how I miss Denmark during this time period. Christmas in Canada is simply not the same as in Denmark. That is one of the reasons why I in my ISU (Independent Study Unit) -presentation in Foods made Ris ala Mande (danish rice pudding/christmas dessert.) It tasted pretty good and the presentation about danes and how they eat food went well, too. Nobody found the almond though. Here is a little picture of my 'Ris ala Mande.'

...But what I really wanted to tell is that December is a busy time. I am constantly on-the-go and barely have time to be creative with my drawings, talk to people in Denmark and so on. And I miss watching Danish christmas TV-shows. I feel so bad when thinking I won't be celebrating anything at Christmas Eve as we do in Denmark. And I miss the people in Denmark.
It is not that i do not like it here. I absolutely love it. But at this time of the year it is hard for me. To think I wont be with my own family, not dancing around the christmas tree and singing songs, making christmas decorations and danish christmas hearts with my class, writing german christmas cards to the people in Germany, baking with my mother, and so much more.