"The only good thing to do with good advice is pass it on; it is never of any use to oneself."— Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Busier than ever

You all know that december is a busy month! Well for me it is going to be very, very busy. I really shouldn't be writing this since I am supposed to be sleeping, but I just came back from a very hectic rehearsal of "The Christmas Carol." I think we are all set for tomorrow and it was nice to try on the costumes. Later on, hopefully sunday, I will put on some cool pics from the play that we perform wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. All that I have to say is, that I have enjoyed it very much. 
The rest of december I have to think about buying christmas presents for all the Canadians and I have a Christmas Music Night where I will sing four songs with my Vocal Class. So that will be interesting!
So what do you think? And I still have tons of assignments and a foods ISU presentation to present December the 7th. Oh my gosh. It is going to be a very stressful month. So I am deeply sorry if I wont be able to write that much in December. Cheers!! :)

Friday, 26 November 2010

Drama is all around

Today is it a PA day (the teachers are having a meeting an students are out of school) and I am having a very relaxed day today, so I figured I could tell about the last drama performance I was in this wednesday. Since Drama is one of my favourite subjects in the Canadian school system I really enjoyed it. 
The play was a drug awareness play and it was shown to people in grade 7 and 8 to make them aware of drugs (of course.) After the play they could ask us questions about drugs, the show, entering high school, etc. I could not really answer that many questions since I've only been in High School for about three months now (I am actually having my anniversary with Canada today: THREE MONTHS!) and I was not entirely sure they caught what I was saying because of my accent... Oh well... But the main performance went really well. 

My character was a stupid cheerleader who pressures an innocent nerd into drinking and later on he dies because of alcohol-driving. So yep, I played one of the evil people. People with accents are generally really evil. :-D

Today I am going to watch Harry Potter 7 which will be good, and I will go shopping for some new clothes since I really badly need some new... I do not think I've bought anything else than shoes to sign for my self in the three months I have been here. So I think that would be a good thing! The rest of the weekend will be about more DRAMA since we are approaching the dates where I will perform "A Christmas Carol" in the VPP (Victoria Playhouse Petrolia) with an incredible nice cast. And I really want to see it come into action because of my long and hard paint work. And because I get that nice dress to dance in. I will of course make a blog entry about it. Hope you are enjoying the snow in Denmark! Here it is not snowing at the time, though I've heard that it will today and later on next week... Let's see about that. One thing is for sure: It is 
really cold here!
Allison and I played the evil cheerleaders 

People being strange...
Kesenia and I... nice to have a break during the two performances!

Monday, 15 November 2010

For my friends in Canada

When you people read this blog entry, you would probably say: "Wait a minute... something has changed." Yes, yes it has. I thought it would be time to give the blog 'a new look.' As time goes by, I realize that something had to change. First of all; the look of this blog was made in Denmark, and somehow it did not feel Canadian enough for me. So here it is! I hope you guys like it. If not; please leave a comment and tell me!

So today I realized something really strange... It is funny how you start thinking in a school bus... but, I realized that I haven't talked about the wonderful people I've met here. I don't want to mention any names, but people reading this blog of my friends here in Canada know who they are. I want to dedicate this blog entry to them... Wauw, that sounded impressive. (: YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! 

I am feeling great. Even though everything here is getting more and more like back home in Denmark where you are at school and the troubles are all about homework, it is still great. I am trying to make an experience out of every day, even though it may seem hard. Because; Everyday is a new day and there will be ups and downs no matter what through a year! But it is up to my self to figure the problems and to make the best out of the day!

If any, and I mean really any, out there, thinking about going on exchange and have any questions, just ask me! I am the master of answering questions!

Friday, 12 November 2010

10th and 11th of November (Toronto and Birthday!)

Hi fellow bloggers and readers! Today is a fog day and I figured it would be an awesome day to write yet another blog entry since lots has happened the past few days. Two days ago I went to Toronto with my Foods Class. I had so much fun with my kitchen family and my wonderful friends. We first went to Kensington Market, then we were shopping at Queen Street and the Eaton Mall and then, we went to the Royal Fair of Canada. 
Old and new. Beautiful. 
Cameron, Tyler, me... :) 
CN-Tower. (Which I had not seen before.)
Chocolate Addict shop at Kensington Market. A wonderful place. For the danes: It reminds me a little bit of Christiania. Just with a little bit more stores and a little less Marijuana.

Too many news...

Harry Potter, Harry Potter! 

Walking on a memorial....
What a wonderful mix of cultures, wouldn't you say?

To oue Glorious Dead. Thank you for everything

Cameron... being strange...

Yesterday was my birthday. I was really not planning anything big because I thought I had musical rehearsal, but then when my friend Trisha suddenly came off my school bus at the same place as me I was a bit surprised. And then two more of my friends came over, Sam and Kyla, and we had a mini-party. That is how I like them. I have some super nice friends! :-) It was a really nice day. 

Happy 16 th Birthday Bella! (Trisha, Bella, Kyla)
My hostmum made a wonderful cake (She knows how much I like Oreos)
I know I look pretty stupid, but, thought it was nice anyways.... :)
I don't know how much I keep repeating myself on this blog: Thank you all so much for reading. It means the world to me. I am having a wonderful experience, and it keeps getting better being over here. I can only say one thing: Go on exchange yourself too! It is wonderful. 

Monday, 8 November 2010

Getting used to a culture

Yes, I would say it was about time I can officially say I've got used to most canadian things, such as touching each other's hair because it looks 'soft,' or eating french fries with Putin in the caf, or the fact that it is getting really, really cold here. 
In case someone is reading this blog because they have in mind to become an exchange student; this is very important for you. 
I can recommend going on exchange right now, even though I'm still missing 8 months of my exchange. It is the most wonderful thing to do. When I'm just thinking how confused I was about all things before I got here; it seems like everything has got a more realistic picture, if you can follow me, eh? Going on exchange confirms things: Remember I wrote in a blog entry before I got here how nervous I was to be alone in the french airport? This does not scare me anymore. Or the fact travelling alone. Because, really, if you have a nice brain capacity, nothing will go wrong in an airport. And there will always be people around to help you. 
In two and a half months, I feel I have grown inside me. I've definitely become more open to other people here in the world and explored new sides of people. And it was the break I needed from the danish school. And I feel so lucky to actually have got this gigantic chance. It is not that I am learning that much more english, I can start feeling that my accent is disappearing, but my grammar is still horrible, haha!  Everything is getting more and more stabile for me; with friends, family and school. I'm not feeling home sick in the moment, everything is just fine. Let me tell you about the past few weeks...
Me standing outside my beautiful home here in Canada

My beautiful walk-in closet with pictures from friends, drawings (and no I'm not patriotic because there is a pic of the danish queen, this is simply a joke between my canadian friends and I...)
Everything here has british names... it is crazy: London, Chatham, Stratford, etc...
Ah well, a clear sign that fall is over and the start of winter: Bringing the leaves together ( it snowed the other days, this was the only day to do it..)
Here is a drawing I'm a bit proud of for you... Finally had a bit time left to draw again. It felt great.
This is the memorial of the dead soldiers of the world wars in Oil Springs. This Sunday there was a nice ceremony to honour soldiers fighting for their country and for a better world. A very nice tradition. You could learn somethings fellow Danes!!

This picture is from Halloween when I tried to carve a pumpkin. It ended up with the fact that I had to use a saw and a electronic drill, because the pumpkin was so HARD.
This is some wall painting random exchange students once made on our school. I'm planning to put a danish flag on the
bottom where the is missing one beside Japan!