"The only good thing to do with good advice is pass it on; it is never of any use to oneself."— Oscar Wilde

What is this... exchange?

I opened another page that is entirely meant to be a page about going on exchange. Exchange is a way to make experiences and friends in another country. I have heard about University exchanges, travel exchanges, work exchanges, and High School exchanges which was what I chose. I am guessing there is a lot more exchanges depending on what exchange organization that is chosen. 

My exchange organization is called YFU -Youth for Understanding. It is a non-profit organization which generally means that no one makes a direct profit of my exchange year. For me, this meant I was more secure about what kind of host family I got. I wanted a family who took me in because they wanted to have an exchange student, not because of the money they would receive for having me. YFU makes exchanges for half a semester and for a full year, which was what I chose. I have heard of other exchanges for 2 weeks, a month, 2 months, three months, and so on. For me, it would have been to short a time to settle. 

If you consider going on exchange, I could warmly tell you that it is a great idea. Even though my exchange isn't over, I love it and can tell you this: GO ABROAD. It is fantastic! I can actually write in english now without problems and this exchange has helped me a lot to be able to do that. 

Of course I do not wan to give you only this portrait of an exchange. Trust me; it can be quite hard from time to time. There has been times where I have felt home sick pretty badly, and that is of course not funny. But my friends and my host family are so amazing and they help me being cheerful as I am known for around here. (Though not back home...) It comes in periods and it is only a small amount of time that I feel like that. And then everything is all right again!

As for exchanges from other countries to Denmark, I will just give a little  bit of commercial to my country. Exchanges to Denmark isn't the same experience as going to the U.S., Canada, or Australia. First of all; you would likely not know the language. It is a hard language to understand and it is weird with it's extra letters æ-ø-å. Though I can tell you that we are the happiest country in the world. And how is that possible? Well there has actually been several tests, and I don't think we are that happy in Denmark. We just do not have high expectations about that much which makes it easy to get around. You would find it a bit difficult to get friends very quickly, since Danes aren't just as open as many non-european countries. But then when you get friends, they will absolutely love you. Don't fear the Danes though, they are really nice. 

In Denmark our High School starts out in Grade 11 and end in Grade 13. It is quite a high level of education, I find it a bit more difficult than this Canadian High School level that I am getting taught right now.

If you have got any questions about going abroad (or maybe even to Denmark) please just ask as many questions you feel for. I made this blog to show people how it is like to be on exchange, and I think the best way to show this is by sharing my experiences and answering questions!