"The only good thing to do with good advice is pass it on; it is never of any use to oneself."— Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Back in the country with hills

I am not afraid to admit that I’ve been crying - just a bit. It happens when I'm alone, realizing what has changed in me since I got left. Coming back to my old room was the strangest feeling I've had for years. Everything was just as I had left. And it bugged me. It bugged me so much. Why, why were everything the same in my room? Because I know I've changed, why hasn't it?. 
My parents don't think I've changed. They don't even think I've gotten bigger. Oh well, who can expect me to get taller? Everything except in my room has changed. I can't say it in a positive or a negative way, it has just changed. Some things has happened within my family I can't discuss, but it won't be the same as when I left. 

I feel like my room doesn't fit me anymore. I've grown out of it. 

It’s been such a long plane ride home, a lot longer than I thought the flight was in August. It might have been because of the thoughts of leaving this beautiful country called Canada, and these beautiful people – inside and out. This is a goodbye for many from me, and I’m so terribly sad about that. And there are of course some things I want to say after staying in Canada for a year.

Thank you, LCCVI’s music department and all it's teachers for being awesome.

Thank you, Aria and Myriam, for being the support in my first three months in Canada. You guys were experiencing the same things, and we had so much fun. Remember Stratford and the Halloween things? I’ve missed you the rest of the time I’ve been in Canada, but thank god all of us live in Europe.

Thank you, Tom and Stephen for giving me rides from Oil Springs to Petrolia in what looked like everyday the second semester. These guys are awesome people, actually so cool that I do not have words for it. Not only have they been good drivers (without accidents) they are good friends and extremely nice. Stephen and Tom are true bro skis.

Thank you Rachel, for singing with me, being funny, giving me a necklace I will carry with me, and being a friend. And for being exactly who you are!

Thank you Kyla, for being the first person to ask me to go home with you after school and taking me to homecoming. You have been awesome, and you still are, and I love yoouu! And to Amber; all of these things said above counts for you too.

Thank you, Lukas, for being an awesome partner in Badminton even though we might not have done thaaat well. By the way, you are pretty awesome at the piano! Dark Horse!

Thank you Brendon, for trying to make me teach you German and for some good running in the winter evenings. It’s been a pleasure!

To Chris Jamieson, who ALWAYS makes me smile!  Show me some an eagle who can fly!

Madison, Jenn - you guys... you guys are amazing.

Xavier, Andres  - awesome exchange students living nearby. ‘Nough said.

Thank you Marisa, for a good laugh every day the first semester. As I have said so many times, you are the happiest person I have ever met, we’ve shared so many laughs, and it’s been a pleasure to be roommate with you in New York. And of course Corinne too !

Madeleine and Amy; thank you for being Amy-roo and Maderoo. You are my favourite Aussies, I will miss you terribly when you are back in Australia. But the words would be: Let’s travel.

Elin, Laura, Annelien, Janina, Yuki, Rikako, Pierre, Elie, Reynaldo, Joel, Anne(s),  etc. Just because… YFU exchange students are awesome.

Thank you Lindsay, first of all for calling me a donut. For teaching me to skate, going to the movies with me, taking me to semi formal, going dog sledding with me, sharing our locker, having fun, acting crazy with a light saber, encouraging me to several activities, going to prom with me, getting lost outside of Brigden, going to strange parties,  and for realizing what a great friend is like. And for being there for me… always !

And my host parents... that's more personal than sharing on a blog.

There are many more I can say thank you to out there, and you know your names!

Words cannot describe the kindness of Canadians. I am so ever grateful for being so nice to me, for making me feel welcome. It is the best I could ask for.

I will miss being an exchange student in Canada. The privileges, the things you can get away with, the one good excuse “I’m an exchange student. I didn’t know,” and the people interested in cultures. But then again that might sound a bit selfish.

What I really hope this exchange has done for changing, is, that is has not only given me a life-time experience, but that I might have opened the eyes for some people – making them realize that the world is big! That I’m not the only one who has learned just a bit from this exchange, but maybe also my Canadian friends.

There is no such thing as “a” home for me anymore. I have two, and I can find more. And I will keep this world-travelling knowledge with me for the rest of my life.

When everything gets summed up; I wanted to say that I'm also happy I'm in Denmark again. I really have missed talking with my brother, my mother and father, my grandfather, my cousins, my friends, but I haven't seen many of them since I came back. A lot of them are on vacation.

This is the end of my blog. I will keep it up on the site for about a year, for other exchange students to read. I will copy everything down, and print it for my own sake. I hope it’s been an experience to read and follow my journey, cause that’s what is has been to me: A journey. A wonderful one.  As I say goodbye; I want to wish you the best of luck in the future. I truly hope if you are going on exchange in the future, that you make the most out of it as I did.

And, thank you for have been following my blog. 


  1. It's been a pleasure have read your blog, you were so lucky you could have this chance to experience the world outside your own country. I wish you the best now you're back in Denmark, because life is just starting to you and you will know more people from other countries and cultures in the future.

    Buena suerte :)

  2. I am sad that your blog has come to an end, but happy that I was mentioned in it once again!
    I'm glad that I got to know you this year! We will have to stay in touch!

    Love, Rachel

  3. I too am from Denmark, and I too am going to be a Canadian exchange student. I know this is a tad bit outdated, but I sort of wanted to get some tips and tricks, if you don't mind. If you ever do see this, could you write back to me? I guess you could e-mail me, and then perhaps add me on FaceBook, if that's the easiest way to do it.

    My E-Mail is: Ndarling@live.dk
    Hope to hear from you soon.