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Saturday, 15 January 2011

And so the school starts...

I know this is quite a random post. But I thought it was about time, now that it has been 14 days since I last wrote a post. It is not that I have done anything particular this week, nope. I have only been working on my ISU (it is like a final project for a class) and been busy with homework and stuff. I have to admit; it has actually been a week with a little bit of home sickness. It hasn't been bad at all, but I maybe think it has been the worst so far. I guess it is because of boredom of the homework! But now when I look at it; it will be better soon after the exams I think. 
Soon half of my exchange year has passed and now when I think about all the stuff that has happened, I realize how much I have 'grown' inside and how much has happened. When I got here first I didn't expect to get friends that quickly, but I am very happy I did. I have got a lot friends now. And what I like about that is that I can turn to different 'groups' of the school whenever I want to. I find myself in a very lucky position where I can talk with everybody without problems. This is achieved because I really want to talk with everyone and I do not only stick with the same people all the time. 
My friends are generally all older than me, about 1-2 years older than me. This means that they have their G2- driver license and can drive me around (if they are willing to of course.) In the beginning it was a little bit strange I think, but then I have realized that this is where I fit in.
To be on exchange isn't easy all the tme. I sometimes feel left alone, but luckily I have a nice host family, and some really good friends here to cheer me up. For that I am deeply grateful. 
I should really finish my ISU today, so I think this is all for now. I promise I will write a blog entry about my final performance on thursday in Vocal Music where I am playing the song "Open Wide" by Danish singer/songwriter Tina Dickow. In about 18 days I am going Dogsledding with the rest of the YFU exchange students and my friend Lindsay who could go dog sledding because there was three spots left on the trip. So yeaa, I am very excited for a lot of stuff! Cheers for now!

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