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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Joining band and a snowfest

Hey girls and boys! 
I am sorry that I really haven't written that much in January, but it is so difficult to find the time now that we are approaching exams. And I really shouldn't be writing this post since I have to make an assignment for Monday and also study for a final test! But I will do it anyway! (Especially because I am sick and can not focus on anything else...)

Since my last post I have joined the School's Senior Band. It is all very exciting; even though I am just playing percussion right now while we are playing The Lion King. The rest of the people around me are the best; they are so nice and awesome! And luckily I am friends with some people in my little village that have their drivers license and can drive me to school early in the morning for practice. Good thing that they are in the band too! 

Uuh. What else has been going around... Oh yes! I think it was Tuesday I performed my last assignment for Drama with my wonderful group. It got a little bit messed up in the end, but I think my scene went OK and all around I was pretty satisfied. The play was called "A Thing of Beauty" and I played this rich woman who believes she knows absolutely everything about art. (Which she of course do not, since she thinks a piece of driftwood is made by Picasso...) It was quite a hilarious character, and I enjoyed it. 
This is Eddie (quite a funny musical fella') who played the main character in our play. He has an obsession with beards if you wondered
So wednesday I just wrote my final test for my Vocal Class and I think I did well. I was kinda freaking out about the test before, but then I did some studying with my wonderful teacher (who I just HAD to choose for next semester) and now I think I did allright in the test. Thursday was the day of my Final vocal performance where I sang a Danish song (in english) called Open Wide by Tina Dickow. It is quite a good song, here is a link if you are interested... Tina Dickow - Open Wide I'll see if I can upload my performance for you guys when I get the video. form my friend Rachel who recorded the video and also played guitar for me. She has been amazing

Today I went to this thing called a 'Snow Fest.' Even though I am sick, I still went out in the cold to see cool statues in snow and ice in -16 degrees celsius. Yep, it's pretty cold right now. Anyway, here are some pictures from it.

This was the coolest statue, unfortunately it wasn't done when this picture was taken, and when it was done I took a pic with another camera (of course this statue was made by a Canadian...)
People from the states coming over to make some snow art 
An ice-slide for the children (and me.)
Pretty sight! :) 
I think this is all for now. The semester is soon ending. It will be strange to make new friends in new classes, but also exciting of course! I think mostly I will miss my Foods Class and my Vocal Class. But many of the people I will meet some where else in the activities at the school. Cheers!!  

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