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Saturday, 19 February 2011

How is it going?

Hello fellow readers and writers! I've decided to let you know how my second semester is going so far. For now it has been a blast. I start out in the morning with music where I'm getting taught to play the clarinet. It is a nice, but big class. Luckily they are all some really nice people. I really enjoy it, and I feel that I just get better understanding music by not only playing the piano and singing. Even though it is still hard for me to reach the high notes on the clarinet. I just managed a B. I can also play the Canadian national anthem 'O Canada' and 'Imagine' by John Lennon. 

Second class I have gym with my friend Lindsay, who is awesome, and we're kinda just having fun. Right now we have a basketball unit, but I really do not like basketball... Anyway, I am excited for playing more games, especially Badminton, Volleyball, and Squash!

I've met a couple of new people that I'm hanging out with at lunch, which is nice. I mean of course I like to talk with the same people as before, but new people are always interesting! I am starting to get busier and busier at lunch too, running back and forth to a lot of weird stuff.

English is the hardest course for me; all that grammar and all that writing! But I decided before I got here that I wanted to write more English. I feel like that was a smart decision, because it really challenges me in a way that my first-semester subjects did not. I don't talk with a lot of the people in this class, but it is okay, since I seriously need to focus on the subject. 

Okay, the last and the best period of the day is PEOPLES GYM. It is a class where I have gym with people from the special needs - classes (this classes at the school for disabled.) There also co-op classes for this. It is very interesting and reminds me a lot of a summer camp that I used to be at every summer in Denmark. It is just the feeling of doing something good for yourself in a social way that makes this class good. You know you will feel good by having fun yourself and sharing it with these awesome people. And to try to be a role model is a healthy thing too; I am certain I will learn tons of practical skills of this class. 

I think it was last Wednesday we had a Reach for the top competition. If you haven't read my blog before; it is a trivia thing where we answer questions. We won 3 out of 4 battles, so I think we did okay. I think we are currently number two in the tournament. I am very happy that I can contribute to answer some questions that my partners can't, so that I also feel as though I'm a bit important. It's mostly geography questions, society questions, art questions, and some others I've been able to answer. 

Thursday I went to some concerts with the music department of our school. I was singing with JazzAttack and playing percussion with Senior Band. Unfortunately Senior Band played songs from the Lion King, so they are now stuck in my head. Since I only had about 14 days to remember the lyrics and harmonies of most of JazzAttack's songs, I had trouble remembering bits of the songs. Good thing that miming is one of my specialities. 

Oh and did I tell you that I am going on a music trip to New York City in May? If not, well now you know. I am getting very excited! Especially because it is with all my hilarious music friends! I'm indeed very grateful for this opportunity, and I can give all the credit to my wonderful music teachers. They wanted me to go, and they've been very nice to me. Today I was in the U.S.A just crossing the border to get my travel visa, so that the poor music department wont have any problems with me when we are travelling to New York. This also led to a little bit of shopping since everything is so incredibly cheap in the U.S. compared to Canada. It kinda reminds me of crossing the border from Denmark to Germany and get cheap candy. 

I've now come to the conclusion that I really don't want to go home. Of course I want to see my friends and family again, but the people at my school and the fact that I can almost just do what ever I want to do makes me want to stay. I don't want to start Danish high school. But I do realize that Denmark is where I belong and it is my homeland. And that is where I'm supposed to get a proper education for the next three years. My Denmark-counter says 133 days till I come back to Denmark. It is too short a time. 

This is a beautiful song we are singing in JazzAttack. It has grown to become one of my favourites. I thought you should take a listen. 

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