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Friday, 25 February 2011

The music concerts

Hi! Because of yet another snow storm I am now trapped in my house while the wind outside is having fun and we have yet another snow day because of bus cancellation. So I finally got the chance to wake up late at 11:30 and draw and paint. Now I'm just having a ball finishing up a drawing of my favourite actor... if your are new to my blog, you wouldn't know that I love drawing and painting, and that is what I do in my spare time. 

Okay, yesterday and thursday the week before we had school concerts as I am thinking I mentioned last week too. We performed for elementary school children who we tried to make interested in music at High School. So Senior Band, Jazz Band, and JazzAttack played. And because I'm in both Senior Band and JazzAttack I got to perform quite a lot. I don't have any pictures unfortunately, since I forgot my camera... again! I think I'll have to take more pictures. This can't go on! 

Anyway, we played several songs, here are a few of them:
Senior Band: 
- Gimme some Lovin'
- Land of thousand Dreams
- A 'The Lion King' medley, that sounded a bit like this. It was fun to play the conga drums to this...!!
- Raider's March (from the motion picture INDIANA JONES, this was epic awesomeness)

With JazzAttack we were singing:
Satin Doll by Duke Ellington
Blue Skies by Irving Berlin
And I love her by The Beatles
Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne in that Glee Version which I don't really like... but we had some good soloists... 

I liked playing with a lot of my friends, and I also got to know some new, which has been nice of course.  This was a small little blog post, and I'm not sure I'm going to post more this month. I have a concert to go to, and other small things that makes the rest of the month a bit hectic. And then I'm thinking I'll change the look of the blog when we approach March, since it hopefully going to look more like spring soon... 

Finally I would just like to say: Support the countries in the middle east for their right to a civilized country with freedom and democracy! They are fighting for something we fought for 100-200 years ago, and deserve it just as much as we did. 
Peace from here;

This is how it STILL looks like here... but a snow-blower is always a good thing

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