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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Other stuff

I havent told you guys about all other stuff that I'm doing in my spare time here in October.
Well, first of all I am volunteering for a Haunted House in Petrolia where I help scare smaller children and also adults. It is really funny and you really get some acting going!
This is actually me playing a scary clown.
This is from another day where I'm not playing a clown. Just a random girl who get pulled down in a bed. This is a couple of my friends (sorry if it seems misleading by calling them their surnames, but that is what we call eachother.)
Trisha (Law), Me, Greer, Sam(antha), Burden.
Me (clown), Burden, Greer
Yes, I know, Scary pictures!

Other than that, I'm in a christmas musical production. Yes, of course it is "A Christmas Carol." A very british musical! I'm almost only a dancer and I only say like three lines, but it is definitely good enough for me. I've got a really nice costume and my fellow dancers are insanely nice.

I'm practising a lot of singing and piano in the moment, not only because of my midterm performance (which I will write about after I've done it,) but also because of my own progress. I wont say which song I will sing for the performance in case someone from the school is reading this blog, it is a surprise you know!

I'm joining the volleyball team soon, as it starts in november. I'm pretty excited!
And now it is off to bed, but; I will write again very soon!

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