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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween Weekend / PARTYS :)

Hi fellow readers!
I don't think I've said enough how much I love the people reading this blog! You are all awesome!
This weekend has been craazy, and it all started out friday at school were I was in the school in my halloween costume. It is strange to sit in a munk costume and at the same time learn stuff... I went for the last time to work in the Haunted House, and we were so busy that night, argh!
I had a sleepover with my friends from Oil Springs, we watched "Nightmare on Elmstreet," it was probably the most scary movie I've ever seen. I -from now on - hate Freddie Krueger. 
Saturday was at a halloween party/goodbye party for Myriam, a swiss exchange student whom I'm really going to miss (but we have the deal...!) She was unfortunately only here for three months.It was really funny, and I was dressed as a jedi - haha! Here is some pics:

Lindsay, me, Aria and Andres as the creepy clown behind us
Amber, Aria, me, Kyla

Lindsay and Aria (the jedis) killing me (the sith)
Today I went for another goodbye party/halloween party, for Aria. It was so sad to say goodbye to them. But; I think I will survive. I also experienced my first snow in this area this year. I was so happy! We were also sitting in a hot tub, it was really nice and warm while everything else was cold! I'll put the pictures from this up later.
Hope you are all feeling well. It is kinda funny, I haven't been sick here at all! That is actually cool!
Thank you again for reading the blog, it is really special to me that I have people from all over the world reading it

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