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Monday, 11 October 2010

Homecoming and Thanksgiving weekend

Time for a blog entry, eh? It has been a while I would say. So anyways,
This weekend was truly a very nice one. It all started out with homecoming this friday. In the morning I started dressing up in the school colours (red and white) and came on the school bus surrounded by people in red and white. 
A friend and I in the school bus. Yes, it is already dark in the morning outside.
So, when I came up in the school I met a couple of my friends who were all dressed up pretty crazy. We then had to have our classes, but only for half a period each. In drama we just made drama exercises, in foods we made pumpkin pies for the last time this week (we sold about 350 at homecoming), in World History we watched the Mummy (educational?) , and in Vocal Music I taught my class about danish music. I actually think a lot of people liked it. 
Our wonderful/beautiful pumpkin pies. I am so proud :)

Steven in Vocal Music class. See what I mean about dressing up crazy?
Crazy friends in the cafeteria
Anyways, after the classes we had lunch and the Pep Rally. I did not really get the idea of it, but it was so funny because of people cheering like monkeys in red and white. After the Pep Rally we had some spare time including the School Parade, which I was so lucky to be in. A bit time after the parade the football game began, I didn't understand the game, but it was funny to watch. 
Pep Rally in the school gym

Random guy in strange outfit on the parade

The school Parade

Kyla, Lilly and I watching the football game (which I'm pretty sure our team lost.)

After the game I went home to Kyla where she taught me how to ride a horse. I am very thankful! (But I'm not sure how good I was...) Afterwards we had dinner and prepared ourselves for the dance. The dance was crazy; It was absolutely one of the bigger culture shocks I've had here. I imagined people dancing like you see in the american movies; but the canadians caught me by surprise, it was a monkey party! But it was funny! 
It is me! On a horse! Unbelievable!
Kyla and I before we went in to the dance
Myriam, Andres, me, Kyla, Aria at the dance
Aria (french exchange student) and I trying to dance like the canadians. I don't think we succeeded.
Saturday I was at the Brigden fair, and I will just show you some pictures: 
Brigden Fair Parade. This is the flags of the different provinces in Canada.
Scare Crow on a horse?
Sheila's, Kyla's and my Raisin Pie achieved a first place in the Brigden Fair. Thank you Food Class.
Couldn't help taking a photo of the scottish bag pipes.

Sunday we had the thanksgiving dinner; it was a delicious turkey. Some family members and friends came over to eat. It was a very nice day and the weather was awesome compared to the fact that it was October and I'm in Canada. And I know what you people are thinking; Do they have thanksgiving in October? Yes, yes we do. Canada celebrates thanksgiving one month before the americans. I'm thinking a lot about you people back in Denmark. I hope everybody is doing great and enjoying their life! The next blog entry will probably be about the differences between american and canadian culture. I will write again soon!


  1. Red and white are THE colors! And those pumpkin pies looks delicious :)

  2. Here in Canada we write coloUrs, because it is still part of commonwealth. Anyways, we spend some time making them.. I'm pretty proud :D