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Saturday, 5 March 2011

The past week

This week has actually been quite un-eventful! But in another way it has still been nice. I have been trying several things with my gym class, including curling, broom ball on ice, and going to the fitness room... most of it has been fun, but it is things that we would never had done in gym in Denmark. I just do not like to land on my back all the time because of the ice -.-

We had another Reach for the Top meeting wednesday where I finally got my Reach for the Top-sweater. It looks... I don't know... strange? No that's not the word, it looks fine, it's just a bit big for me. Anyway, we won 2/3 games, and we were close to win against S. Pats with 20 points. And this means we are going to the semifinals!

I've signed up for the Badminton team, since some of my friends wanted me to join. The team plays Mondays and Wednesdays, so it wont interrupt my JazzAttack time. Wauw - it seems like everything fits! I have to go the try out's first though, and I hope I'm good enough. We'll see. It wont be that bad if they tell me that I am not. 

In Seniorband they made me play on the Timphany, it's three drums where you can change the pitch. They are extremely big, and I'm kinda honoured, even though I'm not quite sure how to change the pitches in the middle of the song. I have to play it to a very epic song of course; these drums are meant for those kind of songs!

I think it is fair to say that it is starting to warm up a bit, I've been some seeing grass on the ground since Thursday. It is still cold here. But since it is March (SPRING) and because I'm going on vacation soon, I thought it was a good idea to change to a warmer look on the blog. It's fun to do anyway :)

Today I am going to the cinema with my friend Lindsay, as an old reader of the blog you would probably recognize the name! Let's hope that it does not suddenly start snowing so that we can not go. 

And yes, it is Canada Geese in the picture on the top.

Cheers for now

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