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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Badminton update

I just wanted to make a little bit of an update on how it is going with the try outs for Badminton. I've had two and there is one more after March Break,  I'm not going to be there because of my vacation, but that won't matter (...said the coach.) Okay, so I am hoping to get on the team since I really like the people on the team. I like the fact that we play singles/doubles/mixed doubles (boys and girls.)  And of course I will hopefully be on the senior team, which makes everything a bit more challenging! But that is what is funny! 

The try outs went well, and I think there would be a spot for me on the team. This all very exciting to me since I've never been on a high school sports team. I didn't play hockey, I didn't play volley ball, I didn't play basket ball ... No. This will mean that I'm very busy through all the weeks since I've got Senior Band and JazzAttack too. 

Now that we talk about JazzAttack... In the moment we are singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" which is a very cool piece of music, but also extremely hard to sing since a lot of the harmonies are terribly close together. But when we do it right, it does sound quite good. 

I am deeply sorry that I can not give you pictures, I haven't been active with my camera lately...  I will for sure change that on my vacation. So I am just going to warn you guys now; as of Monday the 14th of March till the 28th of March, there wont be any blog posts because of my holiday on the island of Tobago. I am very, very excited, and I am of course going to take a lot of pictures for you to see afterwards. 

Allright, thats all for now! I've been quite busy the last couple days, resulting in being tired all the time! I guess it is a thing to get used to. Cheers


  1. I'm jealous of you :) I wish we had a badminton team, then I would be on it! I played for eight years in Denmark :)

  2. Hahaha very cool. Yeah my friend just wrote to me that I'm on the team - while I'm on vacation. I haven't even played badminton that much back in Denmark, only every friday mostly just for fun...but it's soo much fun. Looked like you had fun time in Hawaii yourself! :) Though that tsunami must have had scared you. Good thing nothing happened to you. !