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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tobago (March Break)

Okay since I do not get much feedback from people considering going on exchange or just people generally, I'm a bit uncertain about how I am going to continue a blog that isn't being followed. So I'm not sure whether I will continue writing. Though I will, of course (as promised) tell you what I've experienced the last two weeks of my vacation. I will do this by translating some of the pages from my travel diary for you...

"March 14th 2011 - Monday - ...We had to wait 5 hours in Toronto Airport before we could board and we 'killed the time' by going on a restaurant, playing cards and such. I showed my host parents the 'Danish' way to play fish. Right now we are on the plane, it is a small plane, and we have a long way ahead of us. Now we are going to watch the new Narnia movie... don't know what is is called, but it is number 3...."

"March 15th 2011 - Tuesday- ...Oh yeah we landed in Trinidad and were able to take an earlier plane to Tobago. I got greeted with an unbelievable heat. Tropical, eh? Pat and Gordon (my host dad's sister and her boy friend) came and got us at the airport and we drove home to the apartment. We live about 15-10 meters from the beach, the view is amazing, and the apartment huge. I got a dip in the pool and in the salt water and suddenly realized that I was tired and had a jet lag. So I took a huge nap and I've been reading and drawing ever since...."

"March 17th 2011 - Thursday - ...Today we went to the south coast of Tobago. It was an amazing trip, very beautiful. We drove to Charlotteville, a small little village which had a very special atmosphere. Small (rotten) stores, freshly caught fish, salt water and old bikes and cars. You could hear Bob Marley singing in the background "No Woman No Cry." We walked around, talked with the locals, and saw fishermen in action...."

"March 19th 2011 - Saturday - ...I started out the day by spending an hour or so in the sun and after that on the beach. Few hours later I went diving with some americans who instructed me. What beautiful fish I saw! There were small ones, in yellow-blue-red colours, and I saw quite a big a flounder... I also saw a 'Scorpion Fish' which they all instructed me NOT to touch. When I got back to the apartment I heard the news about the coalition attacking in Libya; gosh, couldn't the world soon get better?..."

"March 20th - Sunday - ...Harris, our local guide came and picked me, my host dad, and Gordon up. We drove to the northwest coast in a minibus. Quite a terrifying experience because the roads were so narrow. It might even beat the small roads I've seen in the alps of Europe. But what a nice view: To the left --> coast and to the right --> rain forest. Finally we turned right and stopped in the absolute middle of the island where we got boots in the right sizes to protect us from mud. And then we went on a hike! I learned a lot about some biological stuff in the rain forest, and the Tobagonian history about the rain forest and how it was the first 'preserved' rain forest. Other than that I went swinging in the wines like Tarzan, which wasn't really that hard. Even my host dad tried. We also passed a big termite 'house'. When I just touched very slowly, termites quickly came out soo quickly. The guide said we had try to eat. And so I did... "Tasted like Chicken.." After the hike we drove to Argyle Waterfall which was absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed it very much. I went and took a dive in the pool underneath it and tried to be directly under the fall... It kinda hurt my head. I also saw huge Bamboo trees (no Pandas though, haha.) ..."

"March 23rd 2011 - Wednesday - Today I woke up early to get picked up by a guy called Michael who drove us to a Glass-bottom-boat tour together with to women from Quebéc, Canada. So in this boat you could see in the bottom what was underneath the boat. We drove pass Coral Garden, which was absolutely amazing. Sooo many fish.... And then they let us snorkel in Coral Garden too. 

I will write more. Just give me some time.,,, I have home work to do too.. Tomorrow I will put an end to this!

Here are some pictures from the trip: 
Waiting in Toronto International Airport

Bad Plane food

First view from the balcony

Yes they drive on the opposite side of the road, and they also play cricket  
BaBaQ? Oh so that's the rasta way to say it
Just a very nice sunset
King's Beach. Nice, eh?
In the rain forest
This is me feeling like Tarzan
A souvenir from the diving 
Argyle Water fall. The woman in the back is from America and the guy was our guide
My daddyoh and me... eating warm food... on a beach
Yeah the local fishermen said they created this  mountain  in a weekend
Another Tarzan picture
Me playing the steel drums which were invented in Trinidad/Tobago
I guess I haven't mentioned that I am now officially on the badminton team. My buddy Lindsay wrote to me that I was on the team. Of course I didn't know if I was going to play single, double, or mix. But I found out today. I'm going to play mix with a guy called the same name as my brother. It's going to be so much fun! 

I do very much agree with a lot of people now. This time of year as an exchange student has been the best so far. Not only because of the vacation, but also in school. Things are starting to melt together and I'm keeping myself busy and enjoying every bit of it. And I love my school here, my friends, my host family, just my every-day-life. Home sickness would be a complete waste of time by now, and I haven't experienced it for a looong time. 

We were lost in the dark but we've opened the door 
We're afraid cause this thing's never happened before 
There's a fear making noise in the back of your head 
But there's no need to be afraid crawl back in my bed 

Get in line for the sunshine 
Get in line for the sunshine 
- Ginger Ninja -


  1. Wow, it sounds like you had an amazing trip and it looks sooo good! I really think you shall keep writing your blog! But I do understand what you mean, when you say it's hard, because not a lot of people comment my blog either and sometimes it can be a little hard to keep up the mood for writing when you feel it's a waste of time, but I'm sure a lot of people are reading your blog, they are just not commenting. At least I am, and it sounds like you are having a great time! The badminton team sounds cool - congratulations btw :)
    I hope you will keep writing! I will be looking forward to read about you experiences!

  2. Ja Isabella!
    Du må ikke holde op med at skrive din blog! Jeg læser den hver gang du lægger noget nyt ind, og jeg elsker at hører om hvad du går og foretager dig! Jeg misunder dig godt nok med alle de spændende turer og oplevelser du får!

    Savner dig meget
    Knus Line

  3. You should definitely keep writing your blog! I love reading it! And you should mention me in it more... lol

    Rachel Loerts