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Monday, 18 April 2011

I give up

Yes, I give up trying to understand this Canadian weather. It is so unpredictable, and so, so strange. It completely amazes me, and in the same time so annoying! Remember I told you around one week ago how 'summer had finally come to Canada' and how it was 23 degrees celsius? Well, that rapidly changed today. When I went out for lunch buddies today I was amazed; 3 centimetres of snow was lying on the ground that I had not seen just 2 hours earlier. THIS is called quick change in weather! And it was freezing! So I could say that I, Bella, have experienced snow the 18th of April. Dirt sauce!
Another student took this. But that's how it looked like!

Other than that I've finally got hold of some pictures from my Badminton tournament at another school (North Lambton Collegiate Vocational Institute) last wednesday, which went all right. It was a tournament for fun, to meet the other teams and such. We won 3 out of 5 games, hopefully we can do it better next time. I think we can! Either way, it was fun, and our team - the Lancers - are all so funny, so it was a good day.

My partner (his name is Lukas by the way) in action
Me in action. Yes, we wear protection glasses. 

Ever heard of Dill/Vinegar Popcorn? It's strange, but good
Let us hope for some better weather soon. In three days I will be heading to Thunder Bay to my family who immigrated to Canada generations ago. It's so exciting! Tomorrow is Arts Apprecation Night, next Tuesday a badminton tournament, next Thursday is the day of Spring Music Night, and in two weeks Unison!, and festival for JazzAttack. And then eventually a trip to New York will be in between.  So yeah, I've got a very busy schedule :-)

The soft beating,
The sound of movement
For the better 
Will make us walk

Stop load tweaking
The sound will pour 
And I will let it go

From the house in the woods
We can keep it, or watch it change
We might sleep, sleep comes the most
W can keep it, or watch it fall

Over the top till it all comes down

-- Efterklang - The Soft Beating ---

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