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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Thunder Bay

This post is followed by another one about Spring Music Night. Please check them both out. 
'Allo meine Damen und Herren! How is it going? To me everything is so busy, but that''s okay, i enjoy it. I was originally going on a Canadian scout camp this weekend, but I decided to take the weekend off to do whatever, so that I would be less stressed out. Turned out that that was a wonderful idea! I now have time to write a blog entry!
So, last Thursday I went to Thunder Bay, ON, all by myself. I started out in Sarnia with the train, drove for 4 hours to Toronto, where I later took the shuttle bus to Toronto Pearson Airport and flew to Thunder Bay which was a trip of about one and a half hour. The whole point of this trip was to meet my Canadian family who immigrated to Canada generations ago following the foot steps of my great aunt Idun Engberg (who wrote a book about the Danish settlements in Canada) and celebrate easter with them. And so when I arrived in Thunder Bay Airport, Lindsay, Lexy, and their father David was waiting for me. They brought me to their home in Pass Lake, which once was a small Danish settlement in Canada. It got very clear to me when I saw road names like: “Copenhagen Road” and “Jacobsen Road.”
Anyway, I had a really good time there and I saw sooo many things while going hiking, visiting the whole family, hunting for easter eggs, going to the (frozen) beach, etc. The pictures will tell you everything! When I was going back, I had around 5 hours to spend in Toronto after I took the plane to Toronto and till I had to go back with the train to Sarnia. So I decided to spend the hours in CN-Tower which I had not seen before. What a strange experience!
First picture taken from Pass Lake, Thunder Bay, ON
Lindsay, Lexy, and me who are all Engberg's
"The Sea Lion"- saw it on out on hike
Inukshuk... it's a Canadian thing...
Pretty, isn't it? 
We woke up to snow the 24th of April. Ptsch.. CANADA! 
Pass Lake Church Easter Day
Lindsay with mysterious can of pop
The Canadian Engberg's today
Denmark - Canada?
View from CN-Tower, Toronto
CN-Tower from the Ground

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