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Sunday, 10 April 2011

It's summer, it's sun, and it's sunday

Det er sommer, det er sol, og det er søndag! Yes, summer (or what is close to it) has finally come to Canada. It's hard to imagine that two weeks ago, snow was lying around on the ground, and now it is 23 degrees celsius! Talking about quick change in the weather...
So what is on everybody's lips is of course the talk about prom. Honestly, I haven't made many thoughts to it. The only thing I know is what group I am going with, and that is probably it. I haven't got a date or a dress yet, lol... We'll see how everything turns out. I'm just kinda excited for the 'after-party.'

Friday was the day of Spring Fling, it was yet another dance at the school. It was quite funny, not as funny as the other two dances, but decent :) Everyone were wearing very coloured clothes, I'll see if I can upload a picture to this blog post later perhaps. None were wearing formal clothes, it was actually very strange clothes... I saw one guy who I thought was going to yodel because of his very Bavarian outfit...

Yesterday went with more badminton practice and going to the cinema with my buddies Lindsay and Andrés, and today I went skating (one of the last times) and played soccer with the people from Oil Springs. Just felt like telling how awesome it is to sit on grass again, being out not wearing a sweater, it just felt sooo much like summer, it was great!
Maddie, Lindsay and me

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