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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

L.C.C.V.I's Prom 2011

Hey everybody, today I'm going talk about the Prom Night for my school, Lambton Central Collegiate &  Vocational Institute. (I was going to talk about my trip to Niagara Falls too, but I simply can't write more than this. It's too much already. If you know me personally, check the photos out on facebook. )

It took place this saturday; In the morning my friend Lindsay and I went to Petrolia to get our hair, nails and make-up done. We had a trial the day before, so we knew what kind of hair we wanted. And I have to say; They did such a nice job. In the afternoon we went to a friends house (on a farm) and met up with  more of my friends all dressed up. We played a little bit around with golf, took pictures, and had a potluck outdoors. After this we took our rented school bus to Point Edward near Sarnia to take pictures at the bridge to the U.S.We met up with other of our friends from the school; all taking pictures. It was kinda neat to see everybody dressed up like that saying: "Wauw! You look nice" or "What a pretty dress!" or to the guys: "What a stud!" After some time spent there we decided to go to the school for the 'real' prom. When we arrived at the red carpet, parents were standing there ready to take pictures. And we went in to a school that almost did not look like the school I've been in for 9 months! The theme this year was "Viva Las Vegas" so naturally we were able to play poker, but there was also a dance floor that was used. I stayed until the Prom King and Queen were mentioned; and it was my two friends here - Stephen and Marisa - who won the title. Cute and awesome people. After this I went with the bus to Prom "After" Party, which I will not explain what is for you. Let's just say it's a bit wilder than prom! I went back to a friends house to sleep in a tent and woke up the next morning dehydrated because of the first real summer sun that was shining right at me about 10 o'clock in the morning. Yes, we are talking about 27 degrees celsius - in Canada! 

I wont say that Prom has disappointed me - not at all. It's just not what you expect. In a good way. I liked it a lot. And it certainly doesn't feel as formal as you would think beforehand. 
Golfing in formal clothing
Our group of people
Yes we took a school bus to prom. Cause we're that cool
Our girls in front of the bridge to the US from Point Edward
My awesome date for the night 
Kyla and me
The Lyncher and me
What a gorgeous tradition (guy gives the girl this) 
Prom theme this year: "Viva Las Vegas" 
Poker going on.... :)
 Friday fever dream, eyelashes to the moon
The clock is slowing down, the sun is setting soon
Everybody knows there's really nothing left to do 
And from my corner desk all I think about is you

Holiday! Holiday is coming!


  1. Hejsa!

    Fed blog! Kunne du evt. vide hvad en canada goose koster i canada? :D

    Min mor skal til canada og jeg vil derfor gerne vide hvad en koster, så hun evt. kan tage den med hjem til mig!

    KH. Charlotte

  2. En Canada Goose? Du vil have en Canada Goose med hjem? Snakker vi om en jakke eller om en gås - Canada Goose?

    Sorry, jeg er måske blevet lidt for vant til at være her. Her snakker vi kun om de irriterende gås der flyver rundt over det hele. Men hvis du snakker om Jakken - som jeg kun har set få herovre gå rundt i - så har jeg ingen anelse. Jeg ved man kan få dem i en speciel Canadisk butik kaldet ROOTS. Mere ved jeg ikke. Sorry ;)