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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Unison! and Music Festival

Hi my dear readers, and happy May the 4th/5th to the Danes! I do know that I have mentioned music a LOT this semester, but I mean, it has been a big part of the semester and it has influenced who I've been talking and hanging out with. This monday was 'Music Monday;' it is an internationally celebrated annual music event, which our county and it's schools has helped 'supporting' by putting up Unison!. Different schools from all over Lambton County played and sang different songs, and it was just great meeting new people with the same interest as you. So through the day we had some sound rehearsals, and helped setting everything up for the evening. We also had some funny activities with the other students, as an example we made posters where we gave the answer to "Music is..." It was a neat idea. At 7 o'clock everything started and it all went smoothly, my first performance was with Senior Concert Band where we performed a song called "Ross Roy." After that I sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" with JazzAttack. Sorry, I have no recordings! :( Anyway, the day was awesome and in the end all bands and all choirs from all schools sang and played "Tomorrow is coming" which was the official song of Music Monday this year. I can't say I loved the song, but I definitely enjoyed singing it. Hahahaha

Marisa and Kira... preparing posters
Lindsay lookin' good and Tom... don't know what he's doing
Crazy lancers surrounded by other students
Me and Chris... doing a strange face
JazzAttack looking forward to perform 
JazzAttack... again!
It was transformed from a hockey arena to an actual concert-place) 
Just before LCCVI's Senior Concert band performed 'Ross Roy'
Yesterday was the day of JazzAttack's competition at SCITS in Sarnia. We were nervous before going up, but we did quite well. In both our categories we won, first category (we sang 'Fly me to the Moon' and 'Can you feel the love Tonight') we got 95 % ! This came as a very big surprise for us, but I'm pretty sure we got even more surprised after singing 'Just the Way You look Tonight' and 'It ain't what cha do' and got 92 % ! We really did not think we did very well with that category. But a splendid surprise followed by good ice cream at Dairy Queen!

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