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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Final travel information

Hi everyone! Nice to see that there's people from all over the world who has actually read my  little blog. I hope everyone has had a blast starting to school by now; my turn is first the 7th of September! 
So, two days ago I received a mail package from YFU Denmark. I got two t-shirts with the size Small and Medium, the time of my departure in Copenhagen the 26th, and my insurance card! So now I know that I can get as much hurt as I want to (Though not skiing more than two weeks :P )
The t-shirts are really not a colour that suits me. In fact, it is what we in Denmark call "Beige." I'm not sure what it is called in english, but it is a mix between brown and white, and it makes me look very pale! 
In the final travel information I got a map of the Copenhagen Airport and a map of Paris/d Gaulle Airport. As if I would ever find the way to the gate in Paris when everything is written in French. But, I've also received a note I can show the Frenchmen who will lead me to the gate where the Toronto-airplane makes it' s departure. Just the thought of me, alone in Paris/de Gaulle, makes me nervous. How in the world can I get to another 'terminalé' in only one hour? Anyways, let us hope the best for me. 
So! Now there is 10 days left to my departure. These ten days will be over very soon because of the thai exchange student and my mother's sense of humor. The departure date is getting closer and close, and gosh, I'm so excited! Cheers for now.

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