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Thursday, 12 August 2010

The thai exchangestudent

Hello! I wanted to make a blog entry about my wonderful 'sister' from Thailand before I leave  Denmark the 26th of August. Can you believe it? There is only 13 days left!
This Saturday we picked Genie up from the arrival camp in Odense. She was clearly very nervous, but very friendly and nice to talk to. We got some information at the camp and then drove home to Randers. The weather was very nice and we took a little trip to Gudenåen where we talked about what snails were called in Danish. The next day we spend riding bicycle and Genie learned how to use a danish bicycle. It was a lot of fun and she can already now say a lot danish words. 
It is very funny to try talking Thai. We talked about what a Toaster is called and she just came out with the longest word in the history, it was something like this: Ti Wingi Wa Ho Na (Something in that direction, aha!)
Cheers for now. 

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