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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Petrolia, Oil Springs, PLACEMENT

Hello everybody, time to make a blog entry. I've just been at a huge scout camp called SEE 20:10 with more than 22.000 participants. I've been very lucky and talked to people from Ireland, America, and Tunesia, even though it was a danish camp. 
Last night my mother and father came home from their holiday in Greece finding a letter from my exchange organization, YFU. So they texted me in the morning and I called them at once. They told me I that YFU have found a 'welcome-family' for me. It was really fantastic and a great relief for me. I've been waiting a long, long time to know something new about my exchange year.
I'm going to participate a school called 'Lambton Central Collegiate Vocational Institute' and I've seen a little bit about the school on internet. As far as I have seen, It is a huge school, the biggest in the Lambton District.  I think they have a knight as a mascot. Cheers for now. I'll soon let you all know more, but I am really tired after the camp, so I'm not able to write any more.
Celebrating the danish scouts 100 years anniversary at SEE 20:10

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