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Monday, 23 August 2010

The 'Goodbye-trouble'

There is now three days left before my departure the 26th of August. I think I'm almost ready, I've packed and everything looks just fine. I have said goodbye to my two best friends, Line and Camilla. Camilla already left us two weeks ago and Line is on some sort of boarding school. I have said goodbye to my grandparents - that was also not easy. It is weird to think of the fact that you will not be here in Denmark when it is Christmas, Easter etc. Here we have these family meetings, and I feel sad about not being with my family. 
Of course this wasn't a bad weekend. I've been on a canoe-trip with my mother, father, their friends, Line and her brother, and, of course, Genie - our exchangestudent. The first day we sailed 22 kilometres (if I'm not completely mistaken.) We slept in a cottage on a Camping site next to the river. The second day we only sailed 5 kilometres. The landscape was stunning. I think it is the first time I've been impressed about the danish nature. After this trip we drove to  'Himmelbjerget' or the 'Sky Mountain' as it is called in english. Of course it is nothing compared to a real mountain, but this is the landscape a person in Denmark can see that can be compared to the view in the Rocky Mountains. Cheers for now


  1. God tur! :) Jeg vil glæde mig til at læse mere :)

  2. Hey Isabella! Gæt hvad - jeg fandt ud af det! :D Og jeg har også lavet en blog selv :3 Så kreativ er JEG! 8D
    Men rigtig, fantastisk tur! Det bliver megafedt, tror jeg =D

  3. Hej Bello
    Håber du er kommet godt frem til din familie i Canada. Vi glæder os til at læse nyt fra et forhåbentligt helt fantastisk, dejligt år
    Bedste hilsner Fam. Juul-Madsen /Lars

  4. Hej alle sammen. Godt at høre at I følger med. Det varmer om hjertet. Jeg har det rigtig godt!