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Monday, 8 November 2010

Getting used to a culture

Yes, I would say it was about time I can officially say I've got used to most canadian things, such as touching each other's hair because it looks 'soft,' or eating french fries with Putin in the caf, or the fact that it is getting really, really cold here. 
In case someone is reading this blog because they have in mind to become an exchange student; this is very important for you. 
I can recommend going on exchange right now, even though I'm still missing 8 months of my exchange. It is the most wonderful thing to do. When I'm just thinking how confused I was about all things before I got here; it seems like everything has got a more realistic picture, if you can follow me, eh? Going on exchange confirms things: Remember I wrote in a blog entry before I got here how nervous I was to be alone in the french airport? This does not scare me anymore. Or the fact travelling alone. Because, really, if you have a nice brain capacity, nothing will go wrong in an airport. And there will always be people around to help you. 
In two and a half months, I feel I have grown inside me. I've definitely become more open to other people here in the world and explored new sides of people. And it was the break I needed from the danish school. And I feel so lucky to actually have got this gigantic chance. It is not that I am learning that much more english, I can start feeling that my accent is disappearing, but my grammar is still horrible, haha!  Everything is getting more and more stabile for me; with friends, family and school. I'm not feeling home sick in the moment, everything is just fine. Let me tell you about the past few weeks...
Me standing outside my beautiful home here in Canada

My beautiful walk-in closet with pictures from friends, drawings (and no I'm not patriotic because there is a pic of the danish queen, this is simply a joke between my canadian friends and I...)
Everything here has british names... it is crazy: London, Chatham, Stratford, etc...
Ah well, a clear sign that fall is over and the start of winter: Bringing the leaves together ( it snowed the other days, this was the only day to do it..)
Here is a drawing I'm a bit proud of for you... Finally had a bit time left to draw again. It felt great.
This is the memorial of the dead soldiers of the world wars in Oil Springs. This Sunday there was a nice ceremony to honour soldiers fighting for their country and for a better world. A very nice tradition. You could learn somethings fellow Danes!!

This picture is from Halloween when I tried to carve a pumpkin. It ended up with the fact that I had to use a saw and a electronic drill, because the pumpkin was so HARD.
This is some wall painting random exchange students once made on our school. I'm planning to put a danish flag on the
bottom where the is missing one beside Japan!

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