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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The everyday life here

Hello! Goddag! Guten Tag! Bonjour! Welkom op mijn blog!
It is definitely time to make a blog entry, wouldn't you say? Today I want to write about how a normal day here for me works, since I've started to feel that I've settled in.
Every morning I wake up at 6.30 am. I dress, brush my teeth, and make myself pretty. I then make breakfast for myself, I mostly eat heathy cereals like Raisin Bran, because I really hate sweet cereals. I pack my school bag and goes to the school stop were the school bus arrives at 7.30. The trip to the school takes about 15 minutes, but it doesn't feel that long because of the many people on the bus talking to everyone. 

At the school you have about fifteen minutes to walk around and talk with people at the lockers. This really feels very american, but it is nice way to socialize. It was strange for me the first week, because I really didn't have anyone to talk to. But now I do have someone to talk to, and everyone I know greets me in the hallway before the classes, between the classes, and at lunch. 

My first period starts 8.10 in the drama class, where we start listening to the national anthem of Canada (it takes some time to get used to that!) and hearing the morning announcements of the lancers. (The lancers are what we call ourselves at the school.) Drama is a really funny subject.

After drama I'm having foods. This is a class where we not only have to make food, but also learn about proteins, trans fats, vitamins, etc. It is a fun class, where you really are able to enjoy what you are doing.

After foods it is lunch time! I normally sit in the cafeteria, trying to speak with everyone, so that quickly can get to know many people. But is very easy to talk with canadians, they are all very friendly, and I think most people are enjoying that I'm there. (Or what??)

After the lunch time I have Ancient Civilizations. I realized that I wanted a history subject, but definitely not Canadian History, since I don't know anything and I would be LOST in the subject. It is a good subject, but pretty easy for me since I've learn most of it in my elementary school.

In my last period I take Vocal Music. At first I thought I would drop this class because it was too hard, but the people there are so funny, so I thought, well, let's try it! And after 2 weeks, I already feel more secure in the subject, and everything is fine now. Though the homework sometimes can be pretty hard...

Anyways, after the last period I take the school bus home again. I make my homework as quickly as possible, and relax after the school day reading or doing activities with my host parents. I've added pictures to this blog entry that you might want to see.
The School Bus I drive with every day
Drama class, oh Drama Class. Some of my class mates performing 'Scene of Silence' where we had to make the audience laugh, cry, and applaud without speaking in the performance.
My B-E-A-UTIFUL (?) studentcard. 
This is the Canadian version of Jesper Theilgaard, the danish weather reporter. I'm not kidding, this guy Dave McDonald, is on the news every single day!

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  1. Sjovt at det er sådan en rigtig amerikansk skolebus ligesom i de film man ser! :D