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Friday, 26 November 2010

Drama is all around

Today is it a PA day (the teachers are having a meeting an students are out of school) and I am having a very relaxed day today, so I figured I could tell about the last drama performance I was in this wednesday. Since Drama is one of my favourite subjects in the Canadian school system I really enjoyed it. 
The play was a drug awareness play and it was shown to people in grade 7 and 8 to make them aware of drugs (of course.) After the play they could ask us questions about drugs, the show, entering high school, etc. I could not really answer that many questions since I've only been in High School for about three months now (I am actually having my anniversary with Canada today: THREE MONTHS!) and I was not entirely sure they caught what I was saying because of my accent... Oh well... But the main performance went really well. 

My character was a stupid cheerleader who pressures an innocent nerd into drinking and later on he dies because of alcohol-driving. So yep, I played one of the evil people. People with accents are generally really evil. :-D

Today I am going to watch Harry Potter 7 which will be good, and I will go shopping for some new clothes since I really badly need some new... I do not think I've bought anything else than shoes to sign for my self in the three months I have been here. So I think that would be a good thing! The rest of the weekend will be about more DRAMA since we are approaching the dates where I will perform "A Christmas Carol" in the VPP (Victoria Playhouse Petrolia) with an incredible nice cast. And I really want to see it come into action because of my long and hard paint work. And because I get that nice dress to dance in. I will of course make a blog entry about it. Hope you are enjoying the snow in Denmark! Here it is not snowing at the time, though I've heard that it will today and later on next week... Let's see about that. One thing is for sure: It is 
really cold here!
Allison and I played the evil cheerleaders 

People being strange...
Kesenia and I... nice to have a break during the two performances!

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