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Friday, 12 November 2010

10th and 11th of November (Toronto and Birthday!)

Hi fellow bloggers and readers! Today is a fog day and I figured it would be an awesome day to write yet another blog entry since lots has happened the past few days. Two days ago I went to Toronto with my Foods Class. I had so much fun with my kitchen family and my wonderful friends. We first went to Kensington Market, then we were shopping at Queen Street and the Eaton Mall and then, we went to the Royal Fair of Canada. 
Old and new. Beautiful. 
Cameron, Tyler, me... :) 
CN-Tower. (Which I had not seen before.)
Chocolate Addict shop at Kensington Market. A wonderful place. For the danes: It reminds me a little bit of Christiania. Just with a little bit more stores and a little less Marijuana.

Too many news...

Harry Potter, Harry Potter! 

Walking on a memorial....
What a wonderful mix of cultures, wouldn't you say?

To oue Glorious Dead. Thank you for everything

Cameron... being strange...

Yesterday was my birthday. I was really not planning anything big because I thought I had musical rehearsal, but then when my friend Trisha suddenly came off my school bus at the same place as me I was a bit surprised. And then two more of my friends came over, Sam and Kyla, and we had a mini-party. That is how I like them. I have some super nice friends! :-) It was a really nice day. 

Happy 16 th Birthday Bella! (Trisha, Bella, Kyla)
My hostmum made a wonderful cake (She knows how much I like Oreos)
I know I look pretty stupid, but, thought it was nice anyways.... :)
I don't know how much I keep repeating myself on this blog: Thank you all so much for reading. It means the world to me. I am having a wonderful experience, and it keeps getting better being over here. I can only say one thing: Go on exchange yourself too! It is wonderful. 

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