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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Last week of (normal) school

Dear, dear followers and other readers!
This week has been the last week of normal school. Next week will consist of 2 1/2 normal school days, and three exam days. I will only take one exam this semester, so that would mean I'm off school thursday, and have an english exam friday.

What I've noticed about this week has been the atmosphere of the school. Even though some people are stressing about exams, people (and especially those graduating) are looking forward to the summer holiday with a great amount of independence and enjoyment. Where I am heading off to my own country, others are working through the whole summer holiday. Others are going away with their family. It all really just depends. 

Anyway, every day has been a party and even though the exams are coming close, I'm enjoying every class. (Even english....)

I've been almost gone from my house the whole weekend (because Canadians like to PARTY...) It's kinda funny, because many of their parties usually consist of a camp fire and sleeping over in tents :-)  Usually people just sit at the camp fire, have S'mores, a little something to drink, play some games, and just... have fun. Not exactly party as in Denmark, but nice and very country-ish :-)

Thursday I got a really awesome hat and a card from my two friends Stephen and Marisa. They put stuff on it of what I've said and also our little jokes that we've shared during the year. They are awesome. I can't believe they did that for me! It's very, very nice of them, and I'm gonna miss 'em! 

This week I've been experiencing Canadian Bacon Burgers, sparklers, a birthday party, a racoon, a deer, belgian waffles, poutine, Wyoming (as a town in Ontario), Glencoe, The Lion King, best chocolate milk ever, and the amazing feeling of being amongst people that are absolutely amazing. 

I don't wanna close my eyes 
I don't wanna fall asleep 
'Cause I'd miss you, babe 
And I don't wanna miss a thing

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