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Friday, 3 September 2010

8 days after arrival

Hi everyone and thank you for reading my second blog entry 8 days after I arrived in this beautiful, amazing country. The first few days have been busy and I guess you already have been reading my first blog entry from Canada.

Two days ago I went to the GRAND BEND with my area rep, his exchange student Xavier from Belgium, and Yuki (the Japanese girl.) The Grand Bend is like Canada’s Malibu Beach. The trip took around 45 minutes (I think.) It was a lot of fun, and the lake Huron was quite warm compared to the Danish ocean! 24-Celsius degrees! The sand on the beach was soft and warm, a light breeze dried my hair easily, and we bought an ice cream. There were also plenty of opportunities to buy new clothes; Yuki was the only one buying anything, though. The heat was still amazingly hot.

Today Joy, Yuki, and I went shopping in Sarnia. We were looking for some school stuff before the school starts, and I really needed some things I couldn’t buy in Petrolia. It really surprised me that they didn’t have any main street to go shopping, but you actually had to do it in a mall or in Wal-Mart. So today I finally had the experience to enter a Wal-mart; and it was just as big as in the movies. I can’t really describe it, but it was just… HUGE! Of course there was also a McDonalds in the Wal-Mart, so that the lazy ones are able to order the lunch and get all the shopping done. A thing that scared me though was the rolling wheel chair you could drive in the store. So now the lazy persons could do everything sitting down. I can see the point with older people, but the only people I saw in them was people weighing more than 100 kilos. Scary, eh?

It has rained a bit today and the temperature went down to 24 degrees Celsius. It is a little bit more comfortably for a Scandinavian as me.
Yuki and I in Sarnia next to the American border
Driving back from Grand Bend

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