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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Welcome to Canada, Welcome to Petrolia, Welcome to LCCVI!

Hi everyone!
Today was the day of my registration. It all went in a little hurry, I had to get up quite early to be at the school a 7:40 am. I was asked a couple of questions, and we soon figured out that my health record wasn't complete. So Joy and I drove to Sarnia for making a TB skin test. The nurses there were pretty nice and allowed me to continue going to school before I get my result of the test on Friday. (Lucky me!) When I got back my counsellor had found a girl to show me around in the school. She thought it was pretty nice that I have an accent and that I came to Canada from a whole other country. I soon got back to my counsellor who I talked to about which subjects I would like to take. I still haven't got a schedule. The rest of the day I spend with the World Wide Friends people who were pretty nice and I got to be in a class that I hadn't thought about going to, but now when I've tried it, I would like to join. So I will perhaps get that class and my schedule tomorrow when I arrive at the school at 8:00 am. I guess this was about it. 
Cheers for now!

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