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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Petrolia Fair-, Seaplane-, and Demolishing pictures!

This weekend has been amazing! I guess the pictures will tell you everything!

Petrolia Fair - Parade!
Petrolia Fair - Just as in movies. Big pumpkins!

Yes, I got to go on a seaplane! And it rocked!
Up in the air - or is that a movie?
The bridge from Sarnia (Canada) to the US seen from the air.
My friendly pilot and I after a secure flight.
Back to the Petrolia Fair. This is what I call Carcrashing. My hostdad and other Canadians call it Demolishing Derby.


  1. Hej Isabella
    Har lige læst din blog og dejligt at hører at det går godt for dig derovre! Håber du får oplevet en masse! Du er savnet her hjemme i Danmark!

    Kram Line